Dealer Guidelines / FAQ

Dealer Guidelines / FAQ

Customer Service / Replacement Parts:

In the scenario that a customer needs a replacment hose or there is a manufacturing defect causing their Kong to break. Please have them email for a free warranty replacement up to 60 days after purchase.

**For MAP, Online Advertising, and Third Party selling rules we have a 2 strike rule and enforce this heavily. If you have questions about our terms please send us an email at**

Minimum Advertised Pricing:

All products are subject to minimum advertised pricing. This is generally a $29.99 retail price for both the Regular and Skinny Can Kongs. You may offer periodic discounts, but they cannot be advertised in print or online unless prior authorization from us is given. You can email to request authorization.

Dealers will be the first to know when our brand plans to run sales online. We encourage dealers to join us in our promotions and we will advertise to our existing customers living within your store's zipcode about your participation.

Online Advertising Rules:

Dealers may not compete on certain google search terms in their adwords account. All keywords listed are not allowed to be used with Exact Match, Phrase Match, or Broad Match. Click here to see the list of Keywords

Dealers can run Facebook Ads that promote in store purchase but cannot promote an online listing.

Amazon and Other Third Party Sellers:

We do not allow the sale of our products on Amazon, Ebay, Jet, Walmart, Wayfair, or any other 3rd party site. 

Market Saturation and Exclusivity:

We use a proprietary formula to determine how many approved dealers we allow per area. We cannot offer exclusivity to any approved dealers.

Marketing Materials:

We have a dedicated page for marketing materials. You can download and print these materials for your store(s)! Click here to see all of the assets.

Custom Designs/Limited Releases: 

Dealers will be the first to know about custom product releases and have the ability to participate. We encourage dealers to participate and in return will advertise your participation to our customers living within your store's zipcode.